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dead??? - Hello me...
August 1st, 2014
06:13 pm


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Haha, this place is so dead! I can't believe I haven't used it for 2 years. Fitting! Dead for dead.

I probably won't use my LJ again. But due to... Head issues, and a downed art page. this was the only place I could think to get this out. I almost killed myself on my bike on Wednesday. I normally do crazy... Always wish I had a camera, never do. This was the first time I wished I had somebody there with me!
I've slammed pretty hard before. Really hard. But I've never been knocked unconscious... Until now. And waking up.... Who knows how long after taking a dirt nap (literally) is a weird feeling. Almost as bad as driving home to realize you don't live there anymore. I hit my head so hard I knocked memory out!!
It took me calling my dad to remember that I had moved recently. Then when I actually got home, I realized I had different dogs. Angus is gone and I have a great dane and his puppy. I also tried to go work a job I don't have anymore...
Other than being a stranger in my own world, I'm okay. My neck is super sore, and I have some pretty good road rash on my shoulder/back. A few bruised ribs. And my lower back is really stiff. But otherwise nothing too bad. But it is crazy not recognizing friends that talk to me. Crazy stuff I tell ya.

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