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updates during low times - Hello me...
September 29th, 2012
04:46 pm


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updates during low times
I don't pay my journals much attention anymore. I don't even think I've been on here to look at what friends are doing in a month or more. But things have been going on in life that I figure I can rant about here. Funny, it's called a livejournal, which sounds upbeat. And yet all I do on here is complain about things. WTF much.

So the biggest news is also the worst. I posted this on Facebook, and a few other places, but not here. Now I do.
On September 17th (Monday of last week) My sister was kidnapped while leaving for a nightclub by her ex-boyfriend. Long story short, he shot her in the head and tossed her in a ditch. She didn't die right then. Somebody found her and called the police. She was brought to the hospital and spent the next few days dying slowly. Brain swelling and such. Her official date of departure was the 22nd. She was kept on life support long enough for her organs to be harvested.
Full news story here - http://www.adn.com/2012/09/19/2631492/woman-found-in-midtown-ditch-was.html

Now, I'm not good with emotions. To be more accurate, I'd say I'm missing a few of them. I don't get sad, or feel much in the sense of remorse. So I didn't break down like the rest of my family when we heard of this... or went to say goodbye to her in the hospital. I had a one track mindset at that point. Find her Ex before the police could. I failed. He turned himself in the next day and went through the usual law abiding bullshit. This is probably for the better, because had I found him first they would have been able to make horror movies from the details following. Needless to say, I feel empty from the situation. Secondly, people I don't even know trying to console and touch me is the most annoying thing ever. Random dickheads I see at my job... or people that met me and my sister ONCE. Ugh... I wonder if they go to sleep thinking they did some good deed. "I made his life better because I showed I pity on him and his situation. Jesus loves me more now!"

One year prior to this, a good friend of mine named Frank, died (September 2nd) and in his passing, he left the remainder of his belongings to me. I was honored he thought so highly of me, because he has quite a few children and family members.
Then I realized WHY when his brother came to loot his house for things he wanted, before basically saying "Fuck you." He was supposed to be the executor of Frank's will... make sure everything after his death was dealt with. He did nothing.
I spent the next year paying thousands to attorneys, and court fees. Everything I could to take over the responsibility myself. Now a year later things are as they should be. I have his house, and all his property. Much of which will be boxed and sent to his children... because they deserve to have something from their father. The part that sucks is, his house wasn't fully payed off. The original home owner has been getting more and more pissed over this year, wanting house payments.
Now I owe this guy $28,000 or he plans to foreclose on the house that I just spent the last year fighting to get. Yay! My plans for getting a loan have proven much more difficult than expected. Before my sister was killed, she managed to build up $14,000 in delinquent property tax payments... in MY name. (Cuz her house was co-signed by me) So like dominoes, one thing knocks down another. So from this solid year of awesome. I lost two people... Gained a house... went $14k in debt without my knowing... and barring something actually works for me Lose said house, and keep heavy ass debt I can't pay off.
Life is grand.

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Date:September 30th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
My sympathies on the loss of your sister and your friend.
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Date:January 27th, 2014 07:15 pm (UTC)
I saw this message a long time ago and didn't really know what to say, so I said nothing. I don't use LiveJournal myself anymore, but I sometimes come back and read my old entries and those of my good friends.

Let me start off by noting that you said yourself that you are not good with emotions. That you lack a few. I've known this since... well, we use to talk a bunch on MSN and what not. I'm not as lucky as you are. I am a very feely and emotional person. I guess it come's with the vagina. So I hope you believe me when I tell you that I am very truly saddened by what has happened to you and your family. I know what's it like losing a family member. You were there the night my mom died... It's not fun.

Whatever happens after you die, I just can't believe that's it. There must be something else that happens to you. I think your sister still lives on in some form, and she loves you, and knows you are an awesome gutz brother. Time heals everything, even debt.

Keep living, and being you! All good things come to an end... but all bad things come to an end too. Nothing is forever, enjoy the ride.

Horrible words and advice but.... *HUGS* Maybe that's what I should have said. *Scratches back with spoon then goes back to bed*
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